Consorzio ERP Italia offers the following services:

  • Registration to the National Registers of Producers/Importers;
  • Analysis of EEE and/or WBA legislative obligations;
  • Regulations and other applicable laws on WEEE and/or WBA compliance services;
  • Compliance services for distributors’ obligations (1vs1 and 1vs0);
  • Waste management where regulatory fulfilment can be delegated to the Scheme by the Producer/Importer;
  • Report to the relevant Authorities of data and information on the Producer/Importer’s obligations;
  • Compilation and submission of all declarations, registration applications and prescribed forms;
  • Scheme activity record keeping;
  • Sending the data related to the collection, treatment and recycling of WEEE and/or WBA;
  • Operational consulting and training.

A single point of contact at European level

Thanks to its exclusive pan-European scope, ERP offers companies participation in the ERP Group compliance schemes (Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Israel, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Holland, Kingdom United) or other partner compliance schemes (other EU countries and Switzerland) for the management of B2C and B2B WEEE and/or portable, industrial and vehicle WBA.

Through a team of experts, it provides support in the following fields:

  • Open Scope – EEE analysis from 2018;
  • proper waste management (organisation, logistics, documentation compliance with regulations);
  • optimisation and economies of scale in the correct management of waste;
  • verification of regulatory compliance in countries where ERP is present;
  • comparative studies on regulatory impacts in EU countries and countries where ERP is present;
  • product life cycle analysis;
  • minimum environmental criteria.


Financing model for WEEE, Batteries and Accumulators

The financing model under Decree No. 49/14 provides that:

  • B2C WEEE contributions can be managed internally or be included in the product sale price or disbursed in the form of Eco-Contribution visible at the time of goods purchase by the consumer;
  • financing due by the producers for B2B WEEE is on demand, i.e. it is requested by the customer each time;
  • for WBA collection, the contribution due is internalised in the product sale price.

Thanks to the knowledge gained over the years, we can guarantee economically sustainable fees for EEE and WBA producers.

Our fees are competitive thanks to continuous optimisations in the supply chain and organisation, which allows us to generate economies of scale.
ERP has always paid attention to its structural costs so that the mark-up in tariffs has the least impact on the producers who rely on us.

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