Producer Responsibility

In Italy, the 6 September 2006 Directive 2006/66/EC of the European Parliament and Council on batteries and accumulators and Waste Batteries and Accumulators (WBA) was implemented with Legislative Decree No. 188/2008. This places the responsibility of managing the collection, treatment and recycling of WBA on producers of portable batteries and accumulators for motor and industrial vehicles.

The regulation establishes the “Extended Producer Responsibility” principle for this type of product, asserting that the collection, recycling and treatment of WBA must be managed in a similar manner to WEEE.

The collection and recycling of waste batteries must be a commitment for everyone because:

  • the correct management of the collection and recycling of waste portable batteries benefits the environment and the community;
  • waste batteries can be recycled to recover their raw materials;
  • the European Directive imposes strict target rates for collection.

Consorzio ERP Italia can guarantee all the necessary support to comply correctly and in full compliance with the regulation



Practical support for producers of Batteries and Accumulators

Consorzio ERP Italia, a non-profit consortium, is the main compliance scheme for the collection of lead-free portable batteries, and a founder of the National Coordination Centre for Batteries and Accumulators (CDCNPA).

Our solutions cover all aspects of recycling batteries and can simplify processes for any sized company.

Thanks to our team of experts and a network of authorised and qualified operators who carry out waste transportation and treatment activities throughout the country, we can provide a high-quality standard reaching a punctuality of service performance exceeding 99 percent, compared to a minimum required “maximum service time” of 97%.

  • Our Services:

    Registration to the National Registers of Producers/Importers

  • Analysis of WBA legislative obligations

  • Regulations and other applicable laws on WBA compliance services

  • Operational consulting and training

Batteries and Accumulators Producer obligations

Producers of batteries under Legislative Decree No. 188/2008 must:

  • organise and finance WBA collection, treatment and recycling;
  • register with the National Register of Batteries and Accumulators producers;
  • annually report to the National Register the quantities of batteries and accumulators placed on the national market in the previous year;
  • include the information on the type of incorporated BA in the instructions for use of the equipment, the methods for its removal and correct disposal, the environmental and health impact and the penalties for illegal disposal.

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Batteries and Accumulators Distributor obligations

Under art. 6 of Legislative Decree No. 188/08:

“… distributors supplying new portable batteries and accumulators must make containers available for the collection of waste batteries and accumulators at their point of sale.

These containers are collection points and are not subject to registration or authorisation requirements under waste legislation.”

ERP Italia provides distributors with all the necessary support to manage all the activities necessary for the correct collection for recycling of batteries at points of sale and for registration in the National Coordination Centre for Batteries and Accumulators (CDCNPA).



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